Facebook doesn’t have any ‘near term’ plans to make money from WhatsApp

Facebook hasn’t done a whole lot with Instagram since it acquired the photo-sharing service two years ago, and it looks like it plans to leave WhatsApp alone for the time being. At least in terms of monetization.

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp users won’t be seeing advertisements or an increase in the cost of using WhatsApp anytime soon. Reuters quotes the CEO as saying Facebook has no near-term plan to make money from WhatsApp. The company currently charges users $1 per year once their first year of service has elapsed.

Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp closed earlier this week, and the company has added CEO Jan Koum to its board. Koum will apparently get the same $1 salary as Mark Zuckerberg along with 25 million in restricted stock, which is valued at nearly $200 million USD. Koum co-founded WhatsApp in early 2009 and announced plans to sell to Facebook in February of this year.