Lenovo acquisition could see Motorola release another tablet

Lenovo announced plans to purchase Motorola Mobility from Google way back in January. The deal has yet to close but we could be getting our first glimpse of Lenovo’s plans for the mobile device company this week.

According to Chinese-language site, The China Times, Lenovo plans to double down on its tablet efforts with a Motorola tablet that will be sold alongside its own slates. By the sounds of things, Lenovo is hoping the Motorola brand will resonate better with consumers in European and North American markets. Motorola’s attempts at producing a successful tablet have so far been unsuccessful, and things have been relatively quiet since the Xoom and the Xyboard in 2011.

Branding aside, the China Times report also cites the mobile market’s reliance on good relationships with telecoms providers for a device to succeed. This very fact was seen as a major factor in Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility. The former has little to no history with carriers in the North American and European regions. By acquiring Motorola, the company will inherit those relationships and a foothold in markets where it may previously have faced an uphill battle.

Lenovo has its own line of smartphones in Asia as well as a line of tablets that is available around the world. The company just last week announced a brand new tablet designed in collaboration with Ashton Kutcher. It features an integrated Pico projector and a 13-inch display. It’s launching in Canada at the end of this month and is priced at $549.99.

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