The Nexus 6 has wireless charging and is water-resistant

You’re looking at the Nexus 6 and saying, “Convince me.” You want it, but that price. Oy, that price. Well, here’s something that might help sway you: The Nexus 6 actually supports Qi wireless charging and it is water-resistant.

These details were left out of the official announcement, don’t appear on Google’s Nexus 6 product page, and weren’t anywhere in that sexy Nexus 6 glamour video Google pushed live on YouTube earlier today.

Confirmation of support for wireless charging comes via Google’s spec sheet for the device and Motorola’s own website. For what it’s worth, wireless charging is not available on the Moto X.

As for the water resistance, Google doesn’t mention it at all, but, again, Motorola confirms on its website that yes, it is water resistant. The phone doesn’t seem to be IP rated so we’re assuming it has the same level of water-resistance in play on the second-gen Moto X.

That is, Motorola has treated the internals with a water-resistant coating that should keep it safe if you’re making calls in the rain but maybe not if it ends up in the sink. Still, better than nothing and enough for Motorola to list ‘yes’ under the ‘water resistant’ header on its website.

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