Spotify announces subscription sharing with Spotify Family

Spotify just became available to music lovers across Canada at the end of September. Now, the company is hoping to get the whole family on board.

Spotify on Monday announced a new subscription sharing plan that will allow members of the same family to listen for less. Dubbed Spotify Family, this new feature will allow you to keep individual playlists separate and let everyone listen at the same time. It’s set to roll out globally in the next few weeks.

The company is offering 50% off with each extra account (you can have a max of four). You’ll still pay full price for the first account, but each additional account after that is only $5. As far as we can see, you don’t have to be a family to get in on Spotify Family, so you can just as easily share with friends as long as one of you is willing to be the principal account holder.

Spotify costs $10 plus tax and boasts a library of 20 million tracks for streaming on demand. It supports music playback over the web, on desktop and via its dedicated Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps. BlackBerry 10 users can get their fix through the Android app via the Amazon Appstore.

Update: We’ve been informed that Spotify Family will be rolled out internationally over the upcoming weeks, and the new program will be available to Canadians beginning November 10-14th.