Android TV gets ported to the Ouya Android console


When the Nexus Player was announced, it was seen as a challenger to devices like the Apple TV and Roku as well as and the Ouya Android gaming console. This was because, like the Ouya, the Nexus Player allows you to play Android games on your TV. It’s also capable of ‘casting’ media from your mobile device to your TV screen, and Android TV allows you to watch content from Google Play or via numerous dedicated apps.

At the time of Google’s announcement, the Ouya was sounding a little out-gunned. But Ouya owners, do not despair: you too can run Android TV on your console. Sort of. Thanks to XDA Developers user cbwlkr, Android TV has been ported to the Ouya, though some services and apps are not operational.

Apparently, LAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth are all working fine. However, sound is only partially functional and there’s also reportedly some stuttering with video and audio playback.

Considering this is not a complete port, it is obviously more for those that want an early look at Android TV as opposed to those that are hoping to beef up their Ouya with some added functionality. That said, it’s still early days for Android TV, so a more complete port probably isn’t too far away.

Announced and demoed at Google I/O, Android TV uses Google Now to allow users to search and navigate with just their voice. Aside from Google Play content, there are also dedicated apps for Netflix, Hulu, PSB Kids, Food Network, TED, Plex, and Travel Channel, among others (full list here).

The Nexus Player is currently up for pre-order on Google Play in Canada and is priced at $109. The optional gamepad is available for a further $44.99.

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