iPad Air 2 teardown details thinner screen, smaller battery

The ever-ready spudgers at iFixit have cracked open the iPad Air 2 to see what kind of candy is contained within.

While many elements of the design remain the same, the iPad Air 2 derives its slim 6.1mm profile from a thinner screen where the glass, digitizer and backlight have been bonded together. While the process is more labour-intensive, and harder to repair, it results in lower reflectivity and therefore less glare.


iFixit also found that the iPad Air 2’s battery is slightly smaller than last year’s, 27.62 Whr compared to the iPad Air’s 32.9 Whr, which also saves room inside the chassis. While Apple is marketing the device as having the same 10 hours of battery life as its predecessor, initial reviews have found that absolute runtime is slightly lower.

The teardown also confirms that the iPad Air 2 has 2GB of RAM.