Here’s the new logo for future Microsoft Lumia devices

Nokia recently confirmed that the Nokia Lumia brand would start to fade over the coming weeks, slowly giving way to Microsoft Lumia. In a blog post published on Friday morning, Microsoft’s senior VP of marketing for phones, Tuula Rytila, said that while upcoming device like the Lumia 830 would still be sold with the Nokia name, devices with ‘Microsoft Lumia’ branding were on the way.

Rytila refused to talk about any upcoming products with any degree of specificity, but the post did reveal the degree of Microsoft branding that will be on these new devices when they finally arrive. The picture above is the graphic and logo that will be on the back of future Microsoft Lumia phones, while the image you see below shows the Microsoft-branding on the front of the device.


Perhaps most interesting part is the fact that these devices don’t seem to carry the word ‘Lumia’ on them, at least not on the external casing.

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