Eighty percent of Twitter’s monthly users are on mobile

Twitter posted its Q3 2014 earnings today and the news is good but certainly not great for investors.

The company now has 284 million active monthly users, 80% of which are on mobile. User growth has slowed compared to the previous two quarters, though advertising revenue, 85% of which is generated from mobile, increased 83% year-over-year to $1.77 per person.


Almost all of Twitter’s revenue comes from mobile advertising. The company posted $361 million in revenue, $320 of which was from advertising. With 85% of all advertising revenue coming from mobile, it’s clear that iOS and Android are the company’s focal points (and why the company’s desktop apps have languished behind in features and support).

Twitter lost $175 million for the quarter compared to $65 million the same period last year, but the company is promising higher revenues for Q4 along with a narrower loss.

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