Griffin and Misfit partner to launch new line of wearable accessories

Misfit Shine and Flash users can now spruce up their activity tracker with the launch of a line of accessories from Griffin Technology. Misfit and Griffin have teamed up to offer new wristbands and shoe pouches to customize the tracker and enhance its style.

Griffin originally entered the wearables accessory market in May, offering ribbon wristbands for Fitbit and Sony trackers and caps for the Jawbone UP and UP24. Today the company has added a new line of accessories specifically redesigned for Misfit, including a Ribbon Wristband, Sleep Sport Band and a Shoe Pouch.

The Ribbon Wristband is a softer and more colourful alternative to the bulky rubber plastic wristbands often paired with activity trackers. Inspired by popular ribbon hair ties, the stretch nylon Ribbon Wristband wraps around your wrist and houses the Misfit Shine or Flash securely in a spandex pocket. Griffin is offering this wristband in exclusive Misfit colours including Bamboo Shoot Green and Grey which can be purchased as a 2-pack for $19.99.


To enhance the sleep tracking capabilities of the Shine or Flash, Griffin is also offering a Sleep Sport Band. The band is made of soft, breathable nylon and features a pocket that secures the sensor in place. The Sport Band, which retails for $19.99, can be used as both a wristband and armband using the included extensions. The armband is a great alternative for those don’t want to wear something around their wrist when they head to bed or work out at the gym.

Along those same lines is the Shoe Pouch for Misfit which gives runners the ability to track their movement by wearing the Shine or Flash on their feet rather than their wrist. The Shoe Pouch slides underneath shoelaces or laced through secure loops on the back of the pouch and houses the sensor in a Velcro flap.

Of all the fitness trackers on the market, Misfit has continued to impress me with the number of accessories they offer for their devices. Earlier this year they launched Bloom, a stainless steel necklace which houses the Shine. And they are currently selling sport bands, leather bands, metal bands and a line of socks and T-Shirts designed to make it even easier to wear.

The smartphone accessory market has proven itself a lucrative one, reaching well over $21 billion according to ABI Research. As a new wave of computing, it looks as though Griffin expects that wearables, which are on its own upward growth curve, will offer a similar opportunity. Like in the smartphone space, accessories enable users to express their own sense of style, something even more critical with a device that you are expected to wear 24/7.