Google ‘Copresence’ would allow for cross-platform sharing between users in the same location

Android users have been enjoying Android Beam since Ice Cream Sandwich was announced way back in October of 2011. Similarly, Apple introduced AirDrop with iOS 7. However, users of each platform can only share information with users on their own platform. Soon, though, a new product from Google could allow for cross platform sharing between iOS and Android users.

Referred to internally as “Copresence,’ Android Police reports that this feature will allow Android and iOS users to share files, photos, directions and other content with other users nearby. References to Copresence were first spotted earlier this month when Google rolled out its updated Google Play Services APK. They’ve also been spotted over on the Chrome developer pages.

This week, an Android Police reader found images (above) in the Google Play Services APK that seem to suggest we’ll be able to sends texts, photos, longer form text, directions, and perhaps even audio to users in the same place we are. Phandroid reports that this data would be transferred over WiFi or Bluetooth. It’s not clear if your phone will alert you to another user’s presence or if you’ll have to connect with each other manually. Presumably you’ll be able to switch your visibility on and off, just like with Bluetooth.

Google didn’t talk about this feature at all during its Android Lollipop and Nexus event in mid-October, though it’s possible this feature will be announced on its own after Lollipop launches officially. Android Police seems to think it will be here within weeks rather than months.

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