Asus launches its ZenWatch apps ahead of watch’s official launch

Asus’s ZenWatch is the first Android Wear watch that will have customizations at the OEM level and Asus is gearing up for the launch of this new device with the release of several companion apps for Android.

These apps were announced at IFA in early September and facilitate various aspects of the ZenWatch’s functionality, including “Smart Companion” abilities. The watch itself is integrated with Asus’s ZenUI and the apps released today will allow users to use the watch to remotely capture photos as well as unlock their phone when the watch is nearby.

The first application is called Remote Camera. As the name implies, this will enable the watch to act as a remote control for the camera on your smartphone or tablet. ZenWatch Manager is similar to Motorola’s Connect app. It’s a set-up and personalization app that covers everything from the initial set-up to changing wallpapers to finding your smartphone.

The last application is perhaps most interesting of all. ZenWatch Wellness allows you to monitor your health and wellness stats. The watch counts steps and heart rate, and Asus says the ZenWatch’s built-in bio-sensor is also capable of measuring your relaxation levels. The app will track your relaxation over time and offer tips on how you can reduce stress.

So far it’s not clear what customizations Asus has made to Android Wear itself, as the above functionality (like the ability to switch wallpapers or remotely control your phone’s camera) is also available on the Moto 360. Asus has yet to announce a launch date for the ZenWatch, though the company said in September that we could expect a Q3 or Q4 release date. With November well under way and the companion apps all fired up and ready to go, the launch is surely just around the corner.

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