Microsoft to announce first Lumia device next week

Microsoft just dropped the ‘Nokia’ from its Lumia brand in October. In the future, devices in the Lumia line will carry “Microsoft Lumia” branding. Now, we’re hearing a little more about the first Microsoft Lumia device and when it will land.

Microsoft has sent out a teaser for a device unveiling on Tuesday, November 11th. The invite features the tagline, “Microsoft is delivering the power of everyday mobile technology to everyone.”

As is suggested by the above, The Verge cites sources that say Microsoft’s debut Lumia won’t be a new flagship. Instead, the company will launch another budget Lumia. You know, for everyone.

This matches up pretty well with previous reports of the RM-1090. Rumoured to be the first device to carry Microsoft Lumia branding, photos of the RM-1090 appeared on China’s telecoms equipment certification centre, TENAA, earlier this month.

The phone’s orange casing also matches the sneak peeks we got of a Microsoft Lumia phone on the Nokia Conversations blog in October, and rumoured specs for the RM-1090 point to a 5-inch 960×540 pixel display with dual-SIM slots. Sounds like a prime candidate for next week’s mystery device.

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