Samsung Galaxy S6 will reportedly feature curved edges like the Note Edge

We’ve already heard rumours that Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy smartphone will feature an entirely new design. Word on the street is that Samsung is starting from scratch with the S6, also known as Project Zero. According to the latest reports, that could mean elements of the Galaxy Note Edge will make it into the S6.

Korean-language site the Korea Herald reports that the new S6 will feature the same curved edge that we saw on the Galaxy Note Edge when it was announced in September of this year. However, the S6 will apparently have this curved edge on both the left and right side of the device.

The newspaper cites an analyst that says the next Galaxy S phone will have a ‘dual-edge display’ that’s curved on both sides. Jerry Kang, a sensor analyst at IHS Technology made his comments at the IHS Display Analyst Conference this week. Kang said that Samsung had originally intended to include two curved edges on the Note Edge but changed its mind at the last minute and stuck with just one side.

This is the first we’ve heard of the Galaxy S6 packing a curved display and Samsung has kept any leaks about the S6 in check over the last few month. As the company slowly incorporates metal into more of its smartphones, many expect the Galaxy S will finally ditch the plastic in favour of a sleeker, metal design. Other rumours about the S6 include mentions of a 4K display.

Samsung has announced every new Galaxy S phone since the S2 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. If it sticks to that schedule, we’re just four months away from finding out what Samsung has been working on.

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