Ouya announces Chickcharney update with a focus on community content


Ouya has had a bit of a rocky start. Before the company released its $99 console for general sale, it generated enough excitement to collect more than $8.5 million via Kickstarter campaign.

However, early reviews were lukewarm, and Ouya suffered in the wake of the PS4 and Xbox One announcements, a lack of blockbuster launch titles, and bugs relating to hardware. Still, the Ouya train trundles on, and the company today announced an update that brings support for in-game content generated by its own community.

This latest update is called Chickcharney and brings various bug fixes and improvements along with support for “Community Content,” a new feature that will allow gamers to share content created within compatible games. Of course, before users can really enjoy this new feature, Ouya developers will have to incorporate it into their games. Ouya has promised that the necessary information for Community Content integration is on its way to developers.

Chickcharney also brings support for bundles, tweaks to the interface, and a new video series in Discover that will help users find new games to play. The number of games in the queue is now limited to 10 to prevent bugs relating to overcrowded queues. There’s also monetization tips for developers, an updated Unity plugin that’s easier to use, and revamped upload and edit sections in the developer portal.