Android Wear with Material Design to bring watch face API, battery monitoring, theatre mode

In addition to helping developers to implement the new Material Design language, Google has slowly been rolling out Material Design updates across all of its own applications. Earlier this month it was Gmail and the Google Calendar app. Now, Phandroid reports that Google is turning its sights to something a little bigger: Android Wear. This new version will bring the Lollipop experience to Android Wear as well as that watch face API we’ve been waiting for.

When it does come out, you can look forward to a brighter interface — Google has ditched the black theme for a white background — as well as dedicated storage and battery tools that offer details on what’s sucking down power or taking up space.

Similar to Motorola’s Connect app, this upcoming version of Android Wear will allow you to change the wallpaper on your watch from your phone. There’s also support for weather widgets, the ability to undo dismissed notifications, different modes for different environments (theatre, bright sunlight), and accessibility options (larger fonts, inverted colours, magnification).

According to Phandroid, Android Wear gets the Material Design treatment in version The current version, released October 30th, is The redesigned Android Wear app will require the newest version of the Google Play Services (6.5.75), which is not yet available.

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