Microsoft’s new Revolve app is a contacts and calendar app

The app situation on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 is a little disappointing to say the least. Even Microsoft is somewhat guilty of focusing more on other platforms than its own. That’s not to say the company is entirely neglecting the app experience on Windows Phone, though. In fact, Microsoft is apparently hard at work on a brand new app that will meld elements of your contacts and calendar apps into one application.

Fast Company reports this new app, dubbed Revolve, was shown off to members of the press at Microsoft’s campus last week. Revolve’s goal is to provide you with information on the people you’re about to meet with before your appointment.

This information is pulled from multiple sources and presented to you ahead of time, but Microsoft hasn’t offered any information on which sources specifically. We imagine it’s something similar to Microsoft’s People Hub, which pulls info from Facebook, Windows Live, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

No word on when this new app will roll out or, more importantly, if it will be available on platforms other than Windows Phone.

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