Photo of red BlackBerry Passport appears online

Earlier this week, we heard reports of a red BlackBerry Passport that was expected to launch in time for the new year. The meat of those reports was the appearance of an Amazon listing for the device (alongside a listing for the already-confirmed white model). Now, just over a day later, the folks at CrackBerry have managed to get a picture from Amazon.

When the listing was originally spotted, there was no accompanying image. But Bla1ze over on CrackBerry did add the mystery device to his shopping cart. When he checked back with his cart later, he saw that there was a photo of the device and he managed to pull it off of Amazon’s servers.

Overall, the phone in the picture above is not too different to the render we saw earlier this year. Still no word from BlackBerry on this one, nor has the company said when the white Passport will go on sale. Yesterday’s Amazon listing said we could expect the red and black models to ship on December 25th.

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