Samsung reportedly had problems producing all-metal Galaxy A3 and A5

This month, Samsung announced its first metal phones in the form of the Galaxy A3 and the Galaxy A5. This isn’t Samsung’s first foray into metal construction (the Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha also had metal elements), and rumour has it next year’s Galaxy S6 will also have some metal elements. However, while other companies have been churning out metal phones for ages, Samsung has apparently had some teething problems producing its first full metal phone.

Word on the street is that the reason the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 are to enjoy such a limited release is because Samsung had a lot of trouble producing the phones themselves.

SamMobile reports that the phones were originally supposed to be announced sooner than this month but that Samsung had to delay due to production issues. According to its sources, only 50% of the cases actually met Samsung’s quality requirement. The low-yield is apparently why we won’t be seeing the phone outside of Asia, at least initially.

Though it’s disappointing that production problems might delay our first taste of an all-metal Galaxy, it’s encouraging to hear Samsung is taking quality assurance so seriously.

Still, as more manufacturers move away from plastic exteriors (Apple, HTC, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, and Lenovo, have all made metal phones in the past), the pressure is on for Samsung to deliver that premium feel in a phone.