Nexus 6 Canadian carrier availability

Earlier today we reported that Nexus 6 pre-orders will be going live in Canada via Google Play Store starting November 18th. The no-term price points are $749 (CDN) for the 32GB version, or $50 more for the 64GB model.

Many Canadians have been curious as to where the carriers stand on launching this pure Android 6-inch phone. Well, first out of the gate is Quebec regional carrier Videotron with news that they will proudly carry the Nexus 6. On Twitter, Videotron only noted that it’s ‘coming soon’ and left out any further details as to when or the contract price.

However, if Videotron is scoring the Nexus 6 then you can be sure all the other carriers will add this to their holiday lineup. South of the border, AT&T has priced the Nexus 6 at $250 on contract.

Update: Bell has now added a dedicated page on its site for the Nexus 6. No word on price points or official launch day.

Update #2: TELUS has also joined the growing list of carriers prepping to release the Nexus 6. Similar to the others, it’s ‘coming soon’ and the contract prices are still a mystery.

Update #3: WIND Mobile has joined the others and stated they too will release the Nexus 6 sometime “soon.”

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