Samsung’s Simband is a Gear S for developers that focuses on fitness and health

Samsung has been busy with its developer conference this week. We’ve already heard about Flow, Samsung’s own version of Apple’s Continuity, Proximity (which is a lot like iBeacon), and a new Advanced S Pen. In addition to all of that, Samsung has announced Canadian availability for the Gear S and is talking a bit more about it’s plans for fitness and health tracking.

The company this week detailed the Simband, a modified version of the Gear S aimed at developers. The Simband is based on the Gear S hardware but contains a wide array of sensors in the wrist band (many more than in the consumer version of the Gear S), and a hot-swappable battery.

It’s supposed to be a health tracker that developers can use as a reference platform for developing their own tools and Samsung combined this week’s announcement with the release of the relevant API and SDKs.

If the name Simband rings a bell, that’s because we actually first heard about it way back in May, when Samsung announced a prototype wearable capable of monitoring temperature, blood flow, blood oxygen and CO2 levels, and more. All of this is data is tied into Samsung’s SAMI platform, an open, cloud-based service that collects and analyzes the data.

Simbands are now available for pre-order through Samsung. You can fill out a request form here.