Latest 1Password for Android beta adds auto-fill for Lollipop users

Most Android phones don’t have fingerprint sensors capable of quickly authenticating without a long password — something iOS 8 users have been enjoying for a couple of months now — but popular account manager 1Password has a gift for Lollipop users.

The latest 1Password beta makes it easy to tap into Lollipop’s new secure per-app accessibility APIs to quickly and securely auto-fill usernames and passwords in practically any app with such a field. The feature works on most apps that don’t use a WebView to log in, and doesn’t yet work in-browser, but the convenience factor here is pretty high.

The reason it’s not available on pre-Lollipop devices? Because older accessibility APIs used the clipboard to copy passwords, exposing important user data to third-party sniffers and other potentially malicious programs.

Agilebits also says it is working on a full Material Redesign of its Android app, and the first elements of it can be seen in the new auto-fill login screen.

All you need to do to get into the 1Password beta is to join the Android beta newsletter.