Project Tango shows up on the Google Play Store

It’s been nearly six months since Google announced the Project Tango development kit and it looks like the search giant might finally be gearing up for general sale.

The device has appeared on the Google Play Store in the United States, though there’s no indication of pricing or a release date.

Announced in June, the SDK is an Nvidia Tegra K1-based tablet with 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, WiFi, NFC, and an array of cameras and sensors for tracking. It’s priced at $1024 and was available briefly earlier this year in a limited number of units.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 9.44.43 AM

Unfortunately for us, a quick gander at the Canadian Play Store tells us that Tango won’t be available in the Great White North, at least in the beginning. While it’s listed as ‘not for sale at this time,’ for U.S. customers, Canadians are flat out told: “Project Tango Tablet Development Kit is not available in your country.”

Project Tango is a program run by Google’s ATAP group that uses 3D motion tracking to create a 3D model of the user’s environment and place them within the action.

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