OnePlus One pre-orders went live for a few short hours

Today at 11:00am ET will see OnePlus go live with online orders for the OnePlus One. This is the second time around, with OnePlus noting that it has dramatically improved server bandwidth and overall shopping experience to ensure everyone who wants a OnePlus One will have one.

In addition, to celebrate round two of its “improved pre-order system,” there will be a selection of OnePlus accessories that will be available at “steeply discounted prices.”

OnePlus also recently announced that it has successfully sold over 500,000 One phones, with a goal to sell one million by the end of 2014.

Update:OnePlus pre-orders for the OnePlus One only lasted a few short hours and are now over. OnePlus notes on its site that Round 2 of the pre-orders are “Done for now, but not finished.”

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