Lollipop’s Smart Lock gets support for ‘Trusted Places’ with new Play Services update

Google is beefing up the just-released Smart Lock feature on Lollipop with new options.

The latest version of Android offers quite a few extra security features including Guest Mode, the ability to pin certain apps to the foreground (with further access to the device protected by lock code), and encryption enabled right out of the box.

Another feature meant to bolster security while also adding convenience is Smart Lock, which makes accessing your phone less of a chore by using trusted devices or faces to temporarily disable passwords. Now, perhaps most convenient of all, Android Police reports that Google will let you include geographic locations. In other words, if you want, you can choose to never have to enter in your passcode while you’re home. Pretty nifty.

Released yesterday, Google Play Services 6.5 also brings improvements to Maps, Fit, Drive, and Wallet, as well as tools to help with third-party app integration.

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