BB OS keyboard shortcuts return with the Classic

BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry continues to push the upcoming BlackBerry Classic as the device of choice for legacy BlackBerry OS users still holding onto their aging Curves and Bolds. Citing these users in a new blog post, the company has posted a video demonstrating BB OS keyboard shortcuts making a return to BlackBerry 10 through the BlackBerry Classic. In addition, the post details shortcuts that take advantage of features specific to BlackBerry 10, like the BlackBerry Hub.

BlackBerry’s post also contains an interesting reference to its BlackBerry Classic Mosaic project, a photo of the Classic being built from the faces BlackBerry users. The post teases a blank space beside the Classic, and prompts readers to wonder what will be revealed there.

A new all-touch BlackBerry perhaps? Or the expected successor to the BlackBerry Passport? If you are keen to find out, I suggest you upload a photo.

[source]Inside BlackBerry[/source]

Disclosure: I worked for BlackBerry from 2009-2011. My favourite keyboard shortcut was ‘mynum’.