Carousel now available on iPad and the web

Back in April, Dropbox announced Carousel, a dedicated smartphone app for viewing and organizing your photos within Dropbox. The goal was to give people a more attractive way to view and share the photos they’ve been pushing to Dropbox for storage.

Dropbox has announced plans to bring the Carousel experience to both tablets and the web. Engadget reports that Carousel has been optimized for the iPad and is available today, while an Android tablet version will arrive soon. All you have to do is sign in with your Dropbox account to get started.

The fact that Carousel wasn’t optimized for tablets from the beginning always seemed a little short sighted. After all, it’s designed to make the viewing and sharing of photos much easier and more enjoyable. You’d assume that they’d tackle tablets first, given how popular larger screened devices are for viewing media.

The new versions of Carousel also bring some UI tweaks to reduce the amount of whitespace, integration with WhatsApp and Instagram for smartphone users, and the ability to share photos from Carousel with people who don’t have Carousel installed themselves.

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