Mobilicity discounts the Moto E to $150

Mobilicity, the struggling wireless carrier who was recently given creditor protection until December 1st, seems to be having a sale of some of its smartphones. While the pickings are slim, and majority of its device lineup are a few months old, there are a number of respectable offers.

First up is the Moto E, which is retailing across competing carriers Between $179 and $199, Mobilicity is selling it off for a decent $149.99 outright. The Moto G also follows the discount train at $199.99, as does last years Galaxy Note 3 at $649.99 ($50 cheaper than other carriers).

This could be the first of many price cuts that Mobilicity will embark on. If December 1st comes around and Mobilicity doesn’t merge with another carrier, or fails attract a new buyer, we could see a fire sale of its inventory.