OnePlus One 2 will reportedly cost under $500

The OnePlus One has yet to hit general availability but already we’re talking about the company’s next smartphone, which the rumour mill has christened ‘the OnePlus One 2’ for the moment.

We’ve heard relatively little about the second OnePlus One, especially when you consider the generally-accepted one-year refresh cycle and the fact that the One has been available for about five months. This past weekend, Business Insider snagged some information on the upcoming OnePlus phone, due in the middle of next year.

According to sources familiar with the situation, the next OnePlus device will still push the affordability angle. According to BI’s sources, OnePlus wants to keep its margins thin so the phone will still be cheaper than other off-contract Android phones (which run from $600 to $800 these days). The figure given over on BI is under $500.

We’ll also see the return of the StyleSwap covers with more options available at launch so customers can customize their phone from day one as opposed to buying a vanilla phone and waiting for accessories.

Lastly, there’s apparently “some surprises in store” for the hardware itself, though there’s no further details on what we can expect. Previous remarks from One Plus’s Carl Pei point to the possibility of smaller handsets, though it’s not clear if that applies to the OnePlus One 2 or another line entirely.

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