Twitter reportedly in talks to buy selfie app Shots


Social media and the ever-improving quality of smartphone cameras have made us more vain than ever. While you personally may not wonder, “How many likes did that last selfie get on Instagram?” plenty of people do, and Twitter apparently knows all about our obsession with ourselves.

According to CNBC, Twitter is in talks to buy Shots, the photo sharing app for Android and iOS users. Earlier this week, Twitter CFO Anthony Noto accidentally publicly tweeted about a mystery acquisition the company was planning. It’s presumed Noto meant his message to be a DM given it referenced a meeting date, and the need to sell someone on an idea. CNBC is now citing a source that says the ‘them’ referenced in Noto’s tweet was Shots.

Shots is just a year old but the company has already successfully secured two separate rounds of funding, including a $1.6 million round led by pop sensation Justin Bieber. The app is selfie-focused and encourages ‘in the moment’ sharing by not allowing you to share photos from your camera’s gallery.