Microsoft accidentally announces Acompli acquisition

We’re hitting peak holiday shopping season and it looks like Microsoft might have bought itself something nice to round out the year. Though the company hasn’t confirmed anything yet, an errant blog post that showed up in RSS feeds seems to have spilled the beans on Microsoft’s decision to purchase Acompli.

If you haven’t heard of Acompli, it’s an app that allows you to manage multiple email accounts (with prioritized mail) along with your cloud storage services and your calendars. The app launched earlier this year and has garnered quite a bit of attention in the six or so months that it’s been available. That’s Acompli briefing.

Fast forward to this report from TechCrunch, which points to a blog post titled ‘blank post please delete’ that appeared on RSS feeds early on Friday. The main body of the post is the same as the headline. “Blank post please delete.” However, the URL for that post was “”

The most interesting aspect of Acompli in the context of this news post is that it’s not even available for Windows Phone. It’s been iOS- and Android-only since it launched. However, it does support Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Hotmail, MSN and Live along with other email services.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said since the beginning of his reign that Microsoft’s future lies in mobile and cloud. The first step toward that is an iron-clad mobile strategy and great productivity apps. Acompli is a perfect fit in that regard.