Rogers lowers monthly bring-your-own-device fee to $40 to match Bell and TELUS

After TELUS rejigged its price plans in November, Rogers and Bell countered with similar offers, lowering the cost of their least-expensive share plans to $70.

Now, after Bell did the same, Rogers has lowered its monthly BYOD price to $40, after raising it to $50 earlier this year. The Big Threes’ bring-your-own-device costs were the only major price differentiators between them for the majority of the year; TELUS kept its at $40/month, while Bell upped it to $45 and Rogers to $50. With Rogers lowering it back to $40, customers can once again save up to $480 over two years for buying their phone outright rather than on contract.

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In making the transition, Rogers moved one of its most consistently-popular devices, the Samsung Galaxy S4, from Smart Picks, which costs $50/month on contract, to Smartphones, which costs $60/month. It doesn’t appear that any other devices were affected.

Overall, this is a positive move for consumers, but one that shouldn’t have been necessary. Rogers practically wiped out the BYOD benefit when it increased monthly prices to $50, making it far less attractive to purchase a device elsewhere and bring it to the network. With a level playing field once again, let’s hope things continue moving in this positive direction.