Freescale has a 15W wireless charger capable of charging tablets

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has so far been limited to smaller devices like wearables and smartphones. However, you could soon be charging your tablet wirelessly, too. Freescale Semiconductor has a new 15-watt reference design for wireless chargers that it says could charge smartphones, tablets, walkie talkies, portable scanners, power tools, and portable instruments and medical devices.

Availability is expected as soon as January 2015, and this new system will open up the world of wireless charging to tablets while also facilitating faster charging for phones. It’s WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) and MPWG (Medium Power Working Group) compliant, which means it is compatible with Qi-certified devices.

This system, which uses the WPR1516 receiver chip and MWCT1012 transmitter chip, delivers three times the power of current solutions. Freescale claims that a tablet with a 4000 mAh battery might take over eight hours to charge via standard USB, but this new solution could bring that down to just a few hours.