BlackBerry reveals camera modes in upcoming BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Classic Camera

BlackBerry continues to mete out new info as we draw ever closer to the December 17th release date of the BlackBerry Classic. In the latest post on its corporate blog, BlackBerry has taken to listing the camera modes to be found in the upcoming Classic, including Panorama, Time Shift, Timer, HDR, and Burst.

While the announced camera modes are no different than what’s currently found in BlackBerry 10.3, but many will be quite new to the Classic’s intended customer base of Bold 9900 owners and other legacy BlackBerry holdouts. BlackBerry’s Donny Halliwell is also quite keen to note the value of the Classic’s multitude of inputs, stating that “you can snap a photo using the trackpad, spacebar, mute key or by tapping an icon on the touchscreen.”

[source]Inside BlackBerry[/source]

Disclosure: I worked at BlackBerry from 2009-2011. Donny Halliwell would never take a photo of me, even when I asked nicely.