Chromecast Guest Mode allows you to cast from your phone without being on WiFi

Google is adding a Guest Mode to its Chromecast media streamer. For the last year and a half, Chromecast has enabled users to “cast” content from their phones or computers to their TV provided both the Chromecast and the paired device are on the same WiFi network. However, this week’s update removes the need for the casting phone to be on the same WiFi network.

All you have to do is enable Guest Mode within your Chromecast application (under ‘devices’). Then anyone who is in the same room as your Chromecast can beam content to the TV. Android Authority reports that users’ phones will connect through an inaudible tone played back by the Chromecast or a PIN displayed on your TV screen.

The unfortunate by-product of this update is that your Chromecast is no longer protected from rogue casters by your WiFi password. So if you’re having a party and casting songs, an album, or playlist from Google Play Music, there’s nothing to stop a friend from muscling in on your session.

The flip side is that today’s Chromecast app update does make it a lot less cumbersome to enjoy videos or music in groups. Now you don’t need to ensure everyone has your WiFi password to get in on the fun and all those people that use MAC filtering to protect their home network can rest easy.

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