Nexus 9 Covers now available on Google Play starting at $45

Nexus 9 covers are now available on the Google Play Store. Despite going up for pre-order last week at Best Buy and Future Shop with a likely-placeholder release date of January 31st, they are now available direct from Google starting at $45.

The origami-like Magic Covers are available in three shades — Black, Lime Stone and Mint Indigo — and can fold in a number of ways to prop up and protect the tablet. It attaches magnetically, with no clips — hence Magic Covers — and can even partially fold back to reveal the camera lens for a quick shot from the tablet’s 8MP sensor.

Leaving the warehouse in 1-2 days, the covers are not cheap but certainly worth the investment if you’re using unofficial means of protecting your tablet right now.

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[source]Google Play[/source]
(h/t Dave!)