Fleksy adds customizable extensions in huge update for iOS and Android

Fleksy for Android

Fleksy recently passed the three million download mark for its multi-platform keyboard app, and to celebrate, the company has dropped a boatload of new features on its users.

The main addition to Fleksy 5.0 is what the company calls extensions – customizable functionality enhancements which users can pick and choose to tailor the keyboard to their needs. The launch extensions vary in functionality, from adding number rows to GIF and launcher support for Android users. Each Fleksy user has three free slots through which they can add or remove extensions, and more slots can be purchased in-app.

The update also features an expanded offering of keyboard themes, including translucent or chameleon themes that adapt depending upon the app currently being used, and branded themes from major IPs like Frozen or The Hunger Games.

Fleksy 5.0 is available for iOS and Android today, and can be found via the source links below.

[source]App Store / Play Store[/source]