Omate’s new smartwatches include the stylish Roma and the rugged Racer

In the last six months, Omate has introduced two new smartwatches, one called the Omate X and the other the Leticia. Now, with 2015 upon us, the company is kicking of the new year with two more watches.

The first is the Roma, which features the same leather strap as the Omate X and the round face that arrived with the Leticia last October. This is a companion device based on the MediaTek Aster MT2502 platform, just like the Leticia, so you’re looking at a RTOS with this device. It’s joined by the sportier and more rugged Racer, it’s a bit bulkier and ditches the leather and for a soft touch rubber that wraps around the circumference of the watch face. Other than that, it appears identical to the Roma (and therefore the Leticia) in terms of specs. That means an always-on LCD as well as a battery that lasts almost a week on a single charge.

Omate is taking pre-orders for the Racer from Monday, January 5th, through its website, but both watches are headed to US and UK retailers in March. Retail pricing is set at $129 for the Racer. Pricing for the Roma has yet to be revealed but we expect it to be closer to the Leticia, which is $169.

Omate now has four watches in its portfolio — five if you include the original TrueSmart. Multiple versions of what is more or less the same product isn’t all that rare among wearables manufacturers as they catch on to the fact that a variety of styles might be the quickest way to gain marketshare and broad appeal.