Rogers eliminating price matching policy on January 16th

What a way to ring in 2015.

Effective January 16th, Rogers will eliminate its price matching policy. This initiative originally launched August 2013 as part of the Freedom Advantage program, and matched any nationally advertised price for a smartphone and contract term that a competing carrier was promoting.

According to an internal doc we received, Rogers wants to find other ways to ‘add value’ to its consumers’ plans:

“We are always looking for innovative ways to better serve our customers, and we frequently update our marketing and programs to reflect this. You’ll notice we’ve added more value to the overall Rogers experience with Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE, Roam Like Home, Rogers First Rewards, and other great perks!”

While Canadian carriers basically release the latest smartphones at the same price, Rogers noted that customers will still be able to share data with up to 10 devices through its Share Everything plans, upgrade or change their plan for free within tier at any time, and “continue to offer competitive pricing for all devices.”

Commercial promoting price match from yesteryear: