Sony doubles down on Lifelog health platform with new open API

Sony’s Lifelog service is more than just a way to store the number of steps you take in a day; it’s meant to be a valuable account of how you spend your day.

Now Sony wants to open that information up to other apps — your step count, photos taken, places been, food eaten — in an open API.

Announced today at CES, the Lifelog API is meant for developers to begin using that valuable logging data for other purposes, similar to the way Jawbone, Fitbit and others have opened their users’ data to be used for other purposes. Lifelog, for example, could be integrated into a movie reviewing app so that every time it detects that you’re at a movie theatre, an app could ask you to rate that film.

The Lifelog app is preloaded on Sony smartphones and the Smartwatch 3, and can be downloaded for free on all other Android devices.


Lifelog is now available for developers to peruse as part of an ongoing overhaul of the product.