Sony has a smart eyewear prototype that attaches to regular glasses

Here at CES, Sony has talked more about its new eyewear  prototype, SmartEyeglass, and a new attachment for existing glasses, dubbed Attach!. The company first talked about SmartEyeglass in September at IFA.

The idea is to add functionality to a smartphone by putting information such a navigation in front of the wearer without obstructing his or her vision, similar — but a more fulfilling experience — to Google Glass.


The SmartEyeglass prototype is not set to go on sale until March, but Sony has plans to develop the project and create more app-like experiences that users will be able to take advantage of hands-free in future versions.

SmartEyeglass is just 3mm thick, and produces relatively sharp monochrome images in the middle of both lenses, connected to any Android 4.1+ device.