Sony brings subscription model to PlayStation Now game streaming service

PlayStation Now

MobileSyrup readers were wary of Sony’s rental pricing model back when the company launched its PlayStation Now streaming games service in July of last year. At the time, we had noted that Sony was considering implementing a subscription model. This week, Sony announced that subscription model will go live January 14th.

Some caveats apply. Firstly, the subscription model will only be available on the PS4, although other PlayStation Now enabled devices will receive the option at a later date. More frustratingly, subscription pricing has only been announced for U.S. residents, although past experience makes it likely that Canadian details are forthcoming.

The subscription plans are priced at $19.99 USD for one month or $44.99 USD for three months, which is not bad at all if you’re looking to quickly run through PlayStation Now’s back catalog of 100 PS3 titles. While more titles and broader device support are truly needed for mass adoption of PlayStation Now, Sony’s move to a subscription model indicates just how comfortable customers are with an all-you-can-eat model in the digital age. It’s interesting to think of what might happen if Google or Apple decide to follow suit.

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