Hands-on with BACtrack, the Bluetooth breathalyzer that pairs with your phone

CES has many terrible qualities, one of them being that the show is in Vegas and every meeting seems to be an eight mile hike from wherever you are (we walked 22,500 steps yesterday alone). That said, there are some redeeming qualities. Like the fact that it’s in Vegas, so every meeting you go to has booze, and you’re allowed to take it with you on that eight mile hike thanks to the fine folks in charge of the open container laws in Clark County, Nevada.

No surprise then, that among the gadgets we found at our events was a breathalyzer you can take with you to the bar to test your sobriety. Dubbed the BACtrack, this device connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to test your BAC before you drive home. The more expensive BACtrack Mobile is police grade and costs $99.99. The BACtrack Vio is a smaller, more compact version that costs $49.99 and is powered by a single AAA battery. The idea is that you can keep it on your keychain and run a breathalyzer test anytime you like.

The companion app is where most of the interaction happens with the BACtrack. Power on the device and fire up the app and it will ask you if you want to guess what your BAC might be. Once you do, the app will launch the breathalyzer test and ask you to blow into the unit for five seconds. Once it registers a reading, it will then tell you how long you must wait before you’ll be sober. You can then share or delete your results (BACtrack says this data isn’t shared with any third party and is purely for personal use).

Check out our demo below!