Google Translate update will bring real-time speech-to-text translation

Google is planning an update for Google Translate that will enable real-time translation of speech. An article published in the New York Times this past weekend says Google will follow in Skype’s footsteps with the ability to automatically turn speech into translated text, though when this update will arrive remains to be seen.

Microsoft’s popular VoIP program debuted its version of speech to text translation in December of last year. However, it’s only available to a small number of users and it only works in English and Spanish.

It’s not clear how many languages Google will support at launch, but it seems more users will be able to use Google Translate’s new feature than those currently using Skype Translator. Google told the New York Times that Translate is currently installed on 100 million Android devices and most of these could receive the update. Google didn’t mention anything about Apple users, so it’s possible this will be an Android-only feature.