Hands-on with the red BlackBerry Passport (and a new rounded AT&T model that’s actually nicer than ours)

At CES last week, BlackBerry was showing off the little-seen red Passport, which features a slick sports car-coloured red keyboard and rear cover, with black frets in the middle, along with an all-black screen around the bezel.


The company showed off the red Passport, which is available from ShopBlackBerry for $699 CDN, as part of its brief CES announcement, which involved the unveiling of its new Internet of Things platform.


BlackBerry announced the red Passport as part of a series of limited edition devices, selling it next to the regular black and white variants. The company also announced white, blue and bronze editions of the Classic at its New York launch event.


The company also showed off its AT&T version of the Passport in Las Vegas, which features rounded corners and a slightly taller frame that better balance the ultra-wide device and make it seem less boxy. The change was reportedly made at AT&T’s request, and will likely stay an exclusive to the U.S.-based carrier.


Unlocked versions will work in Canada since Big Blue uses the same LTE bands as Rogers, Bell and TELUS, but BlackBerry has made no allusions to selling the device on ShopBlackBerry.


So what do you think? Red Passport or Black with rounded corners? Let your preference be known below.