Google rolls out Classroom app for students and teachers

Google is taking its Classroom education tool to mobile with the release of Android and iOS applications that will allow both teachers and students to collect and submit assignments on the go.

Classroom was launched in preview last May as an organizational tool for Google Apps for Education users. It facilitates improved communication through various organizational tools based around Google services like Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail. Teachers can post notices, hand out and collect assignments, ask questions, and quickly check which students have yet to complete their work. Students can submit their work, keep assignments organized thanks to automatically created folders, work on their assignments, share resources with each other and help to answer other students’ questions.

With today’s rollout of Google Classroom for Android and iOS, all of this functionality it now available on smartphones and tablets, so students can work on and submit assignments on the go and easily attach files from their phones (like photos) to their projects. On the flipside, teachers no longer have to be logged in on a computer to collect and grade papers or check up on students’ work.

All of this is great news for schools that offer the use of school-owned machines that must remain on school property. What’s more, with an increasing number of students already bringing their personal devices to school, it makes use of the devices students are already carrying instead of having them carry around multiple pieces of equipment.

Google Classroom for Android is free to download and the service itself is ad-free.

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