Xiaomi teases the number two ahead of tomorrow’s event

We already know that Xiaomi’s got a flagship phone announcement scheduled for tomorrow, but the company’s latest hints have left us confused as to what will actually be unveiled.

The company has been using its Facebook page to tease us in the lead up to the event and the general assumption was that all of this was leading to a new Mi device, specifically the Mi5. Continuing its theme of ‘fill in the blanks,’ Xiamoi’s latest clue appeared on Twitter and shows two hands holding invisible phones alongside the caption, “__ is better than one.” Another photo posted straight after simply says, “NOT5,” and, “See you tomorrow.”

Over the last couple of months, there’s been talk of the Mi5 launching in January. Given its flagship status, many assumed tomorrow’s flagship event would be centred on the Mi5 (it was Xiaomi that labeled tomorrow’s mystery phone a flagship). We’ve even heard some rumoured specs for the Mi5.

However, these new teaser pictures have led to speculation that we won’t see the Mi5 at all tomorrow. Instead, we’ll see a second version of a current generation Xiaomi product. That seems unlikely given the promise that tomorrow’s device will be bigger and lighter. Such significant changes would surely be considered a new phone, and not just an incremental upgrade between full refreshes. The most common thread of thought seems to be that we’ll see the Mi5 as well as a secondary product that isn’t the Mi5 (like a Mi5 Plus).

At the very least, you have to hand it to Xiaomi for keeping us guessing.