Selfish launches new collaborative social app first as Canadian beta

Selfish app iOS

Early Canada-only soft launches of mobile games have become quite the norm recently, rarely do we see this approach for other types of apps. Today, a new social networking app called Selfish launched for iOS in Canada, with the intention of eliminating our social clutter from our social feeds.

While the last thing the world needs is another social networking app, Selfish takes a unique approach by focusing on two core tenets: collaboration and categorization. Rather than providing the usual jumble of cat picks, selfies, and inspirational quotes, users in Selfish categorize their posts (“moments”, in Selfish parlance) into certain buckets (“stories”). Friends of that user only subscribe to the specific type of story buckets they actually want to see – guaranteeing that nothing ever said by Oprah will interrupt your endless supply of feline antics.

Users can also invite their friends to collaborate on story streams, adding their own moments and providing a, well.. social element that has been sorely lacking from other applications in this space.

When asked why Canada was chosen to launch Selfish, CEO Rostem Hairedin told MobileSyrup that “we see Canada as a very important test market full of educated, tech-savvy people. We’ll be making several iterations in the coming weeks, and we want Canadians to be our partner in that.” Launching a social app in 2015 is no easy task, but rarely are companies so well-suited to benefit from encouraging their customers to act selfishly.

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