Be My Eyes app uses iPhone’s camera to crowdsource help for the blind

Be My Eyes, a non-profit startup from Denmark, has launched an application that will allow sighted people to help the blind and visually impaired better understand the world around them.

The app is available for download for iOS 7 or higher. It relies on a network of sighted users willing to help blind users when they find themselves in situations they cannot address alone. Blind users request help from the app, which will then contact a sighted user and make the request.

The first helper to accept will be connected via an audio/video feed that utilizes the blind user’s rear facing camera. The sighted helper can then tell the blind user what the thecamera is seeing. This can used for any task. There’s no preset list, so a blind user can ask for help with anything, whether its printing a photo on a computer, checking if food is past its expiration date, crossing the street, or figuring out a train station in a new city.

Be My Eyes is currently iOS only, but the company is planning to support Android (you can register to be notified of its availability here).

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