Samsung’s new head of design has an amazing resumé

Apple is known the world over for its product design. It’s one of the things that sets Apple apart from everyone else. Now it looks like Samsung, Apple’s number one competitor in the smartphone space, is hoping to up its game when it comes to the look and feel of its products.

The Korea Herald reports that Lee Don-Tae, former co-CEO of London design firm Tangerine, this month took up a new position at Samsung. Lee is now he VP and global design chief at Samsung’s Design Management Centre. The news outlet cites one Samsung official as saying Lee’s work will not work on a single product line but instead “elevate Samsung’s design prowess overall.”

Samsung faced criticism last year after the launch of the Galaxy S5. Though the phone contained some fairly significant upgrades (like the inclusion of fingerprint authentication) it featured a boring design and included a soft-touch perforated backing that in some colours resembled a band-aid.

The Galaxy S6 has been rumoured to differ greatly from its predecessor. Rumour has it Samsung started from the ground up with this phone, which is codenamed Project Zero. However, given this new hire, we’re more interested in the Galaxy S7. It’s too late for Lee to have any influence on the S6, but he could do some really interesting things with future devices.

Some of Lee’s previous project’s have included redesigns of British Airways cabins as well as some phones for Huawei.

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