The Galaxy S6 will have a touch fingerprint sensor like the iPhone

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The Galaxy S5 saw the addition of a fingerprint scanner to Samsung’s flagship smartphone, but we had problems with Samsung’s implementation of fingerprint authentication right from the beginning. However, it looks like the company could improve the technology with the Galaxy S6.

SamMobile is reporting that the fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S6 will operate differently than the sensor used in the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy Alpha and others. Instead of the sometimes finicky swipe-based sensor, Samsung will use a touch-based sensor with a user experience that more closely resembles that of Apple’s TouchID. You’ll be able to touch your finger to the home button at any angle and the phone will recognize your print.

One of the problems with Samsung’s technology was that the home button didn’t allow for the registration of your entire fingerprint. It was too narrow so you had to awkwardly move your finger down in a swiping motion. SamMobile’s “highly credible sources” say that Samsung will remedy this partly with a touch sensor that allows you to just hold your finger in one spot, but also with a larger home button on the S6.

Samsung is expected to unveil the newest Galaxy phone in Barcelona, right before Mobile World Congress kicks off in March. The company usually hosts an Unpacked Mobile event a few days before MWC, so expect an announcement around February 28th.